01 October 2008

Omaha Mural Project

Coll and I helped paint on a massive mural called "Fertile Ground," that is being painted downtown before heading over to see "Lucia" as part of Cinematica at Filmstreams.

The mural is being painted and pieced together on a 70-foot tall by 328-foot long wall of a warehouse-type building. We worked inside the warehouse where large sheets with projected images hang from the walls. Here we "painted-by-number" a large arm. Once these sheets are completed, they are adhered to the outer wall, and somehow become paint on the wall. Wow.

This is a huge undertaking, and is staffed by about 8 "traveling painters." Most are from Fort Colins, Phillie (which I learned today has more murals than any other city in the U.S.), and a few from O-town. Meg Saligman is the mastermind behind this operation, and I hope to meet her one of these days, as we hope to keep helping a bit before they call it quits at the end of October.
One of the artists commented on how the sky here is so beautiful. Indeed, this is true, and the mural relays this very well.


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