22 July 2009

Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

Intersection of 5a Calle, 2a Avenida y Diagonal 2

Biking seems to be a popular form of transportation wherever we traveled in Guatemala...be it in the ciudad or pueblo. Even along the highway (CA 1). Helmets were not common. I was nervous as a pedestrian walking on the sidewalks, let alone riding a bike in the small, compact, irreverent-car-filled streets. The pollution was nauseating. We have so much to be thankful for.

Above is the intersection I crossed every morning on my walk to escuela. It was a loco intersection, at that!

The Maya Tour was by far the most common bike I saw on the roads.

Un nino y Diagonal dos...the calle I traveled often.

View from my third floor room...the neighbors own a bike!

Parque Central, Xela

The only other 3-wheeler I saw was a tuc-tuc. (The YouTube video is not mine, but 4 of us did ride in one in San Pedro, where we also spotted a Michael Jackson-themed tuc-tuc, complete with tunes blaring from its small interior!)

Diagonal 2 in Xela...walking home for the best meal of the day, almuerzo!

Bicis y llaves


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