07 June 2013

Farewell to the city I love...

Summer is best in Chicago.

There may not be mountains or canyons, but there's biking along the Lake shore, Millennium concerts, late night cycling, Critical Mass, gardening, harvesting, the Sunday Market, neighborhood festivals, the smell of barbeque, potlucks with neighbors, walks along the beach, quick swims on a hot day mid-cycling, only to get back on your bike and continue on, the bonds of friendship that regrow during the summer months as friends resurface from our cold weather hibernation. The Windy City will be missed for the next couple months as this chica is Italia-bound! (Voice, I miss you too! Please return!)

Ohhh, and so much thanks to Dad for looking after Themba, Ruth for watching Flave and Gideon II, Anne for watering my plants, Matthew for tending to our community garden plot, Pam for her schedule flexibility, Amy for the lovely Buon Viaggio mix of tunes, Dirk for all his European advice and guidance, Joan and Bill for a good read, Nancy for the ride to the airport, Jackie at REI for all the packing advice, Eunice and Jill for letting me borrow ELL teaching supplies, Dale for readying my bike for riding in August, and everyone else who shared in the abroad anticipation.

Until soon, ciao ciao...


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