16 April 2009

Dilly dilly tot com

Animated Literacy...Mr. Jama masked as Daisy Dragon (above), Timmy Tigers (below)

Students come along who get under your skin in a special way.

Today one such student said to me, "Good job teaching." It melted my heart.

This is the same student who wore a pin striped suit with a worn t-shirt on the day of the holiday program and stood up, proudly pulling down on his suit jacket and said, "Look at me, Ms. L, I'm Barack Obama."

The same student who intermittently spurts out, "Damnit!" when he makes a mistake.

The same student who gasps in disbelief when he finds out you ride a bike.

As I'm also on a journey of learning a second language, I'm continually fascinated by pronunciation, or mispronunciation for that matter. A few weeks back he asked to get on the computer so he can visit "dilly dilly tot com." It took me awhile to realize he was referencing a website address - "www."

This kid is hilarious and can always put a smile on my face. I'm grateful for the moments he teaches me. His innocence, patience, resilience and sense of humor are precious, and I hope they follow him through his life.


Blogger c_c_rider said...

your students are lucky to have a teacher that is dedicated and who really cares about their students. our future is definitely brighter because of teachers like you and my friend elizabeth. keep up the good work there ms. elle!

Friday, April 17, 2009  
Blogger ms.elle said...

Thanks, man...your friend is a rad science teacher!

Friday, April 17, 2009  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Aha, ok, Ms. Elle. Now I see how you found my blog. Hey, what do you teach? What grade level?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009  
Blogger c_c_rider said...

:) hey liz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009  

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