30 April 2006

My motorcycle diary:

I should also mention that another Summer Oh-Six goal of mine was to ride a two-wheeled vehicle...a motorcycle, moped, scooter...something of the sort.

Jame took care of this by giving me a brief, but long-awaited, oh-shit moment on the back of his motorcycle. Thanks, Jame.

Tap Dancing Lizard...

One of my Summer Oh-Six goals was to have mehndi done on my hand; Coll's had it done many times and its always very EarthMother-ish. Here's what turned out from a Whole Foods Market buy inspired by the Tap Dancing Lizard design.

Here are others that still need accomplishing:
1. Taking a Spanish language class
2. Learning how to Salsa dance
3. Making out with Prince Kevin Barnes

A girl can dream, can't she?

28 April 2006

Just toys...

Oprah and the Gates will tell you America has a Crisis on its hands - an education system in the shits.

I witnessed another crisis tonight while out with Coll. We ate healthy tonight and fittingly finished with La Michoacana's ice cream. A young child probably three, proceeded to fire shots at me our entire visit with his toy gun engineered from Legos. My heart was broke.

Good thing ice cream can mend what is broke.

Pencil me in, por favor...

Pencil skirts were created by a genius seamstress, and I'm glad they're becoming acceptable to wear again. Here are reasons why they are magnificent:

1. They suck you in,
2. Are long enough to hide unnecessarily icky parts of the legs,
3. You don't need a lot of dust in your pocket to buy one; they can be found at just about any thrift store for a bargain,
4. And I'd like to think Jenny from the Block would be a bit jealous of my jelly...

27 April 2006

Once upon a time...

Rather matter-of-factly, one evening while celebrating a dear friend's brithday, I was given a psychic telling of my past (or future) Life.

From across the bar table, this young sir reassured me that I had been in a tribe of gypsies; my role in the tribe, though, was that of the Distractor, or the one who danced while my tribe looted and stole from passers-by.

This was the best compliment I've received in a long time...