20 June 2006

Making him sleep on my knees...

Regina Spektor is the shit. She has beautiful songs, and does an amazing Lady Sings the Blues. And I've fallen in love with the childhood bible school tale once again, Samson and Delilah, because of her.
Samson was deemed the shit from his birth, so much, in fact, that he slayed a lion with his hands. So curious, though, the lion didn't rot, but became a carcass of honey. Honey, in those pre-Jesus times, was a delicacy.

Then Samson fell in love with Delilah, and she to him. Her people, the Philistines, wanted him dead and asked her to find out the secret to his strength so they could defeat him. She asked, and tried, and finally persuaded - his hair had never been cut from birth, thus his locks gave him his godly strength.

So he falls asleep on her knees, per her request, and she chops his locks. The Philistines gouge his eyes and capture him. Bringing him to their temple court, he collapses the columns and everyone in the temple. In bringing them death, he also brought his own.

And Delilah had grown to love him.

12 June 2006

My new catch-phrase...

Me: "Good thing I'm not a vegetarian anymore."

Uncle Roger: "No wonder you seem happier and in a better mood."

I still haven't eaten a hearty, juicy steak for 20-years, but as Summer comes a-knockin' I've found it difficult to pass up: anything grilled (burgers and dogs), Polish sausage, meat Twinkies, authentic tacos from La Esmeralda, and lunch meat sandwiches, a la picnic-style.

As Mr. Dylan would say, "the times they are a-changin'."

05 June 2006

Baby girrrrrl...

My Themba, Themba-chata, Wiffle-wuff, Jenkins, Snoop Dog, Lover, Special, Girl, Perrita.

Her eyes are lasers (see photo). Most people will miss this; they will be covered in kisses before they can notice.

My mom purchased the Dog Whisperer and reminds me daily to watch Cesar. I've always dreamt of a Latin lover all my own...not one to share with my four-legged friend.