22 July 2006


Southwest-side. Disheveled dark matted hair with An Unnecessary severe comb-over. Khaki pants too big held up with a belt. Air gasper. Weezer. One of the first people to program ATMs. Began paintings at the Art Institute, then lost interest. Hails the Godfather as the best book ever written. Volunteers as a Pre-K Headstart teacher; the children love him. Witty-ly jaded, but still pleasant. Savvy computer geek; does not own a cellular. Slightly awkward. Gave up driving a long time ago. Claims the world is out to get him. Army vet. Veteran businessman. Speaks Elizabethan intermittently. Salvador Dali imitator: "Its not that I'm better, its that everyone else is not good."

That strange sorta character with the most endearing qualities...my 'puter salesman.