30 May 2006

Feelin' oompah-ish...

For the past few days I've felt Wonka was singing to me:

Theres no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing

But Jenna broke it down. She said,

1. "Don't live life in fear."
2. "Its better to make goals than plans, that way we're not as easily disappointed in ourselves when things don't goes as we 'planned.'"

Her Prince of Dubai is missin' out on something extraordinary. Too bad for him.

29 May 2006

Giant drag...

I love this photo.

Beings how I already have a faux flamingo, it makes me want to dress like a mermaid and carry a pack of smokes with me permanently.

Her name is Annie, and I wish this sassy chick was ma amiga.

And yet again, a girl has got to have her dreams.

24 May 2006

Awake by night...

I miss my dear, dazzling pal Peter. He flew straight past Project Runway in his run-a-way to NYC, and better for it I'm sure. He could melt my heart with his "You look a-MA-zing!" comments.

In those moments I shook my fist at my slight hang-up that I was born a girl. Sigh.

22 May 2006

Mediterranean food disclaimer

Here's the first joke I've made up:

Q: What did the pita say to the falafel?

A: Will you "hum us" something.

18 May 2006

Matisse and Faith...

There's an unhealed and bitter 8-year old in me, so I'm told. I think She's incarnated to communicate to me through my neighbor, Bridget. Bridget is the kind of child you wouldn't mind having near you all the time. She's easily wow-ed by things you know, adores your dog, knocks on your door and reminds you to get the job as her art teacher.

Maybe Bridget's letting me know She's healing. Beckoning me into more than I am now, and so want to become.

Here's to the Bridgets of the world.

16 May 2006

Ma hermana...

This is the younger-but-wiser-sister sleeping contently in the car. I love my lil Monique. She's my BFF and will make an amazing OT one day.

She also has way cuter feet than me.

15 May 2006

Things not counter-intuitive:

Finding more for Summer Oh-Six...tank tops, sunscreen, floppy hats, Cubs game, Sox game, find Jon K., and lotsa swimming in the big Lake.

"It's not what we wear, but what's under our hat that counts." -Gus Stevens

11 May 2006


The newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Pigatti. They are always kind to let me stay in their village with them when I visit my Blue state...soon I will have a place to call my own!

Kristin, Jenn-n-Jim

Jenn also has a child growing inside her, probably a boy. She helped her Claudia birth puppies. She said Mamas naturally know to nibble the umbilical cord off their puppies (Jenn didn't do that part though). She did help the puppies born at the end of the litter breath by swinging them up so gravity would bring the mucus out of their nostrils. Claudia was too tired to clean them by that point. She's amazing.

07 May 2006

8 seconds...

This is IL Senator Barack Obama, a reason to be hopeful. I'd like to meet him someday. When I move to the Windy City I will be tracking him down. He spoke yesterday and gave much needed vocals towards SUV/gas usage, government integrity, how the U.S. should be working towards self-sustainability (if Brazil can do it, then we should too, sorta thing), and parental involvement in education. How could you not love him?

Coll, the Franimal and I also went to the Cinco de mayo parade on 24th; I secretly wish I was Hispanic. There were Stompers and Steppers, precious babes, tall glasses of water, running (literally) candidates, cowboys standing on horses, souped up cars, reggaeton, Frida tanks and a mechanical bull (which this guera rode). Who woulda thought?

It was an excellent and exhausting day.

05 May 2006

Feliz cinco de mayo!

I miss Senor Guzman. I love you Ady...you're growing into a special young lady.

Congratulations to Jimmy, Steph. D, and my cousin Mitch. Oh Mavs...

04 May 2006

The oddest thing happened...

I've been remembering my dreams the past month better than I ever have. This morning I dreamt the saddest dream ever about two lovers trying to escape some war torn country. They were probably both about to die, when my phone rang and I woke up. My mom on the other line says, "Oh, you've been crying, haven't you?"

I've got one intuitive Mama.

03 May 2006


LegWs do, in fact, keep your legs warm. I love 'em. I will learn to make my own someday.

I also love cutting things with my pink Fiskars, like sleeves, denim minis, Themba's hair and my own.

01 May 2006

Leaving no child behind...

My friend Amanda kicks ass as a 4th grade teacher. She thrives in her teaching environment. She's got their 10-year old brains scoring above their AYP for the year! This Adequate Yearly Progress score shows the government her kids are getting smarter, an important thing now days.

These people join Amanda in being exceptional at what they do:
1. Nikki teaching Themba manners at the Humane Society
2. Rich selling my sister her tent and sleeping bag at Canfield's
3. Luis explaining tapas at Espana
4. Kristin talking about the Earth's natural remedies
5. Geri reasoning with young artists

Maybe humanity still has dignity afterall...