29 April 2009

Up in the air...

The Old Market played host for a film backdrop today. George C. Looney and Jason Reitman (of Juno) are in cahoots for Reitman's next film, Up in the Air. The Old Market was also a set this past winter for Nic Fackler's Lovely, Still. Much cred has been given to Alexander Payne and Dana Altman for putting O-town on the movie map.

Its thrilling to see the norm be totally disrupted for awhile.

Bunch of filming from this loft.

Ran into Rob and Cute Crewman - and fellow local cycler (its fun to meet others who bike) - who helped attach my flopping Blinky with set-tape for my ride home. Thanks, fellas!

27 April 2009

Shades of gray

This was today's shade of gray, except not as sassy. My Bushia passed along to me a pair of gloves very similar...na zdrowie to sunnier days ahead, squeakless brakes on my bike and yoga with ma hermana.

Photo by Gordon Parks (love him!)
, taken March 1943

26 April 2009


...pretty things to liven up the barren leftovers of a Midwest winter!

21 April 2009

School meets Cruiser

This '71 Cruiser was passed on to me by a family friend...how grateful I am! As much as I love the Trekkie, the Cruiser is quickly finding its way to my heart.

Dandelions on my seat from kindergartners at recess...after which they asked me if my "motorcycle" had wings!

A first grader asked today: "Do babies get in your tummy when you eat too much food?"

My answer had a lot to do with "magic" happening in the mum's tum...bit too early for the birds and bees!

20 April 2009

Mental health break

Loved this too much not to share...

Weekend wheels

First ride on the Trekkie! Wellies-n-all...

Graffiti along Harney towards downtown...

Where all the magic happens...40th Street...what! what!

17 April 2009

Some shakin'

A not-so-typical night at the gallery with Vickie and her lovely crew...

And on the way home, a guilty pleasure plays and I can't help but bust out some shoulder shakin'...can't help it!!

16 April 2009

Dilly dilly tot com

Animated Literacy...Mr. Jama masked as Daisy Dragon (above), Timmy Tigers (below)

Students come along who get under your skin in a special way.

Today one such student said to me, "Good job teaching." It melted my heart.

This is the same student who wore a pin striped suit with a worn t-shirt on the day of the holiday program and stood up, proudly pulling down on his suit jacket and said, "Look at me, Ms. L, I'm Barack Obama."

The same student who intermittently spurts out, "Damnit!" when he makes a mistake.

The same student who gasps in disbelief when he finds out you ride a bike.

As I'm also on a journey of learning a second language, I'm continually fascinated by pronunciation, or mispronunciation for that matter. A few weeks back he asked to get on the computer so he can visit "dilly dilly tot com." It took me awhile to realize he was referencing a website address - "www."

This kid is hilarious and can always put a smile on my face. I'm grateful for the moments he teaches me. His innocence, patience, resilience and sense of humor are precious, and I hope they follow him through his life.

15 April 2009

Wheel powered

My friend Mike scored this way old headlight powered by a generator at Joe's Collectibles in the Old Market. In typical Joe style, there's a shelf of vinyl and miscellaneous Beatles and disco flare on the shelf behind. I could spend hours in there rummaging through treasures and listening to Joe talk about cottage cheese, record players and riding bikes with flat tires in his total hippy way.

Generator off.
Tilted...generator on.

14 April 2009

¡feliz cumpleaños!

What a fab day for ma amigo to celebrate his birthday. He's been a cycling inspiration and uber patient while answering all my questions about los bicis. For example, this is who I learned the lasso-lock from, and now I'm fully equipped with my Bulldog Mini, thanks in part to MWC in the capital city. And to illustrate that I can in fact do this, here's the spring/summer riding shoes, lasso-locked!

Salud, my friend, to another year of enjoying the ride...

13 April 2009

Adios Selena

Its been real, ma amiga, but as of tomorrow I bid thee farewell. I really felt our chemistry was right on...Your smooth gear shifts, impeccable sense of color-stylings, and "hello, I'm here bell."

You were so good to me...its just our sizes did not jive.

I denied it for a long time. I wouldn't hear otherwise. I guess its come to this.

Your Suntour will follow me to my next ride, but know you'll be missed, and whenever I hear some "bidi bidi bom bom," I'll think only good things of you...

10 April 2009

Girls on bikes with baskets!

The new Pedestrian...er, bike Bridge crossing, looking west into downtown Omaha...

View of The 'ha from Lewis & Clark Landing in CB...kinda take this sorta thing for granted. That's why hills are so great and I'm learning to love them, not only for the view at the top, but the ride down is that much more fun! Leslie and I decided braving the chilly morning was well worth it...yeh for gloves!