24 September 2009

Getting to know...

The Recyclery Community Bike Shop, 7628 N. Paulina

The city is taking out a lot of meters and replacing them with "pay-in-display" machines, though it appears this lone meter was left as an anchor outside the Recylcery.

21 September 2009

Slow ride. Take it easy.

A co-worker the other day asked me if I was a "fast biker," or did I take my time when I commuted to work. Not that Cilantro is fast by any means (other bikers often pass me), but her question did make me rethink how I rode to work, and I realized it wouldn't hurt me to slow down and enjoy my ride more. So this past week I've done just that. I've even been exploring new routes, streets and neighborhoods. I'm diggin' the new pace. Though we sped up quite a bit the other evening to make it home before the rain; the rain won anyways by three blocks.

16 September 2009

6 legs + 1 bici

How rad is this?! J. Fo, now Mrs. O, sent along this fab photo. Appears to be a gorgeous day at the Bay for some triple-tandem action, hopefully followed by some good food and drink! I've yet to ride a tandem...so do you totally have to trust your fellow rider(s) and their ability to balance? One of these days...

08 September 2009

Message on martes

"There is no excuse in not trying..."

I love the fact our president made a specific address to young learners!

07 September 2009

No labor on lunes

Waiting for the Metra to whisk Mia, Tom and I to the Botanic Garden north of the Chi. We even packed a picnic! OMG...Ol' Cilantro, in all her steel glory, is not conducive to being lifted on and off and a train!

Tom discovered the Old Green Bay trail that you can ride all the way back to the city. Mia (rockin' the cute-chica-riding-a-bike-in-a-skirt-look) and I, as leisure riders vs. Tom's speedy ways, opted that ride for another day.

Bike love on the Metra ride home...we weren't the only ones who thought spending the day rollin' 'round the gorgeous gardens would be a fab idea!

Side notes...
Favorite flower of the day = Inverted Cactus Dahlia.
Favorite flower name = Egyptian Star Cluster.
Peggy McNamara's watercolor exhibit was exquisite.

01 September 2009

A non-Lomophobic

Photos courtesy of Mike's amazing skills with a Lomo. Below is my fave from his Rhapsody in Blue series. He can be reached at shoottofill@gmail.com.

4 legs on 2 wheels

This is Suzy. I met Suzy and her owner, Kathy, at Slow Food Chicago's Eat-In last week to bring awareness on the Child Nutrition Act. Suzy rides in a padded bungied-basket, covered in stickers. She has her own customized helmet, water bottle and flame-embellished umbrella! All this on a foldable bike.