22 March 2010

Uptown girl

"One less car"

Uptown Bikes made my day. This bike shop is run by rad chicas. Maria explained they use this to ride their recyclables to the neighborhood bins. They're going to give my Austrian-born, Cilantro, a little make-over soon. Yay!

They let me ride around Uptown on a KHS - though this is the bike I ride in my dreams - while she was getting her check-up. No offense my sweet Cilantro.

KHS and Alternatives. I love this mosaic by Ginny Sykes.

Pieces of me.

17 March 2010


...my green accessory for the day!

Highlights include, a fellow cyclist passing me saying, "Nice weather!" (or was it, "Nice leather"??), and Dr. K taking Cilantro for a spin (and then offering to buy me a new bike.)

13 March 2010

Miss Thang

Cilantro's back in action!

01 March 2010

Cycle Recycle

As part of the Peace on Earth Film Festival this weekend, a wonderful documentary called Cycle Recycle: Economic Development in Sierra Leone (by Greg Sucharew), was shown highlighting the amazing work done by the non-profit, Pedals for Progress. They collect bicycles (and sewing machines!) headed for landfills and pass them along to countries where they will be valued, and subsequently provide transportation, sustainable community development, independence...all sorts of important stuff. Maya Pedal in Guatemala also provides similar support to its communities. Tom at Bike Juju posts about his travels abroad and the use of bicis everywhere...so encouraging and hopeful to know there's such amazing efforts out there.