30 October 2009

Kinda fabulous

Workshop, 818 W. 18th St.

Where clothing construction makes sense again.

29 October 2009

Vino y musica

I know better than to buy wine by what the label looks like, but I did it anyways.

(Thanks for the mixes, Ms. Janssen...I fancy them most definately!)

27 October 2009

Yellow carpet...

...of leaves.

Note: This photo does not do justice to how bright these leaves were! It was magnificent.

24 October 2009

Porch companions

Plants, Flave and Cilantro gettin' cozy!

20 October 2009


Halloween-themed Pictionary/charades 'til 2 in the morning made me realize how many B-rated horror flicks I haven't seen.

14 October 2009

Ought. Ommm.

Smells good.

13 October 2009

When Harry Met...

Is it normal to be a watery-eyed, snotty-nosed mess a la Harry and Lloyd-style?!

"Pullover!...No, its a cardigan but thanks for noticing...Yeah! Killer boots, man!"

11 October 2009

Velo love...

Hope this never happens to me!!!!

(...they share the same letters.)

This weekend I got to meet, mingle and ride with really inspiring cyclists, many of whom were ladies (Dottie, Elisa and Elizabeth) who love la bici, much like myself!

I was all ears while listening to advice on riding as it gets colder...wool, wool and more wool, with some water resistant layers thrown in there. I must invest in some wool tights.

I tread cautiously these days as the weather has been dipping into the 40s and 50s, with rain scattered into the mix. Bike to work, or take the El? Of course I'd much rather ride, but don't want to show up to work soaked, or freezing...

Today was sunny, but chilly. I biked to work. It was probably the coldest I've ridden in thus far. I stay relatively warm, and am learning as I go.

A co-worker said she passed me in her car - she thought I looked "miserable." For a brief time today I thought to myself, "Who am I to be riding in cold weather?" Eff that! Who am I not to be riding!

I love riding my bike, and feel like something is missing from my day if I don't get a ride in. I will continue to ride as long as I possibly (comfortably and safely) can.

In honor of those who ran the Chi 26.2 today, as well as the Iron(wo)man World Championship this weekend, I watched last year's cycling portion. Totally in awe of the endurance of the athletes. Their stories are amazing. Kinda makes me feel like a wimp for stressin' over riding in the cold.

04 October 2009

Return of

Arm warmers (fashioned from a cut-up pair of thick tights) have been a lifesaver this past week as the weather turned officially autumn temps.

Saturday morning commute:
Intermittent sun, marked with intermittent smells of bacon all the way to work. Co-worker Ruth, who rides a green vintage bici also, said, "bacon's making a come back." So funny!