29 June 2009

Complementary colors

Morse Ave.

Azul y amarillo.

Lunes y amigos

Damen Ave.

Beautiful sky-ed day for a ride to Roscoe Village for some pre-Guatemalan fare (6 day countdown) with the visiting native-Chicagoan LA-transplants...they love being back in summertime Chi. I don't blame 'em!

South on Damen

Beautiful bike lane. Coming from a community where bike lanes are but non-existent, this is a glorious sight!

Roscoe St.

Destination reached - El Tinajon. Veggie Chile Rellenos...so muy bueno! Stopped into the nearby bike shop afterwards, and was taken by the affordability of a Manhattan Green, a commuter/cruiser a la Dutch style bike I've been reading about lately, and was finally able to see in person this past weekend. Quite the bike.

28 June 2009

Summer Babes & Jazzy Gentlemen

In front of the Wicker Park Fountain, before the festivities began

Taking part in my first group ride here in the Chi took a lot of courage not knowing a soul, but was totally invigorating and empowering. It was a great way to ride - and get more familiar - with streets I probably wouldn't ride by myself, and, of course, meet other cyclists. Surrounded by good peeps who all share a love for la bici, on a perfect summer evening, doesn't get much better than this. There were so many beautiful, unique and custom built bikes...encouraging for me to work towards one day. (Cilantro held her own though.)

Thanks to John, Dottie and Trisha for organizing a fun event, complete with jazz tunes on wheels leading our route around the city for a sip of Prohibition-era cocktails. Salut!

What the flip?!@#$%

Wicker Park

Travis doing a flip on his self-constructed stunt bike...getting attention wherever he goes. Said Travis, "Life is easier when you're considerate."

25 June 2009

Adventures en la cocina

Having more free time than I'm used to, I've taken to biking and baking (J.Fo would be proud).

I've been admiring the gorgeous Fruit Tarts in the bakeries, so decided it was time for me to try my hand at one for dinner this evening with some friends. (Note: This has been a gradual build-up of nerves, and looking incessantly through the variations offered in 1,000 Vegetarian Recipies by Carol Gelles, before actually taking this on.)

So I did it.

I made a thick Lemon Crust with 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon and grated rind, in place of water. With tips from my Busha and her friend Rose, it turned out just right. I added fresh lemon juice to the filling also, and topped it with raspberries, kiwi and strawberries. For the glaze, I used powdered sugar and, again, fresh lemon juice.

The real test, I told myself, was what my friend's boyfriend, a chef at a local restaurant, thought...

He wanted seconds!!!

24 June 2009

Los frutos y legumbres

Totin' home my first pick-up from Newleaf's weekly organic and in-season produce/fruit bag before it starts to rain. I was like a kid on Christmas morning over the goodies...kiwis, mango, Bartlett pears, white potatos, romaine, cilantro and garlic scapes, which I just learned about. Um, yum. Sounds like some gazpacho-makin' time!

Music Mondays

Second dose: Susan and I met for Sea and Cake and Dirty Projectors...the three female vocalists harmonize and their voices sound like an abstract instrument. Amazing. Said frontman Dave: "Its like everyone's here. Even the dude on the Segway."

19 June 2009

Pink ladies

Una abuela y nieta on a morning beach stroll with bici in tow...too cute!

14 June 2009

Whole lotta...


...bicis! A full parking lot.

Leaving the triple-decker Whole Foods (2 levels are parking garages, complete with escalators for your carts!) happy that it didn't turn into a Whole Paycheck extravaganza.

09 June 2009

Mingling on Martes

Today Cilantro and I explored our neighborhood bike shop, Robert's Cycle, where we scored a bike trail map of the city (yeh!) and Cilantro was doted over for her "good condition" despite her age. We went on to discover the route to take us to the Lakefront Trail! She's in no hurry, so I estimate it'll take us a little over an hour to get to Millennium for yoga on Saturday mornings. We made it a little south of North Beach, then headed home, stopping once at a bike repair kiosk where they silenced her squeak which made for a quiet ride home. Thank you bike kiosk man!

Los ninos y bicis!

New Music Mondays

Randolph & Michigan

Front and center for St. Vincent (moniker for Annie Clark and her slew of multi-instrumentalists) and Alla thanks to the get-there-early-stylings of Jennie, Jose and Susan. It was a perfect evening for an outdoor concert at the Pritzker. Ms. Clark thanked Chicago for the lifesize paper cut-out of Barack Obama. I thank her for being effin' phenomenal.

05 June 2009


'nuff said!

04 June 2009

Mark in the park

Yoga was meant to be practiced outside. I've never looked at the sky in so many contorted ways before! Thanks so much to Mark for guiding us over the bridge for an amazing practice...I wish I could've joined the M's for some Orsi's afterwards!