30 May 2009


My favorite collage from Richard Christensen at Dot Gallery (12th & Howard), 2nd floor above Stokes. They've completely transformed an old studio space into something wonderful, and have a stellar vinyl collection to grace the evening. Nice work Brian and Val.

Taking a break in the shade outside Re-Cycle Bikes on south 13th St. while Miguel gets his gears worked on. Mike at Re-Cylce can pimp any ride, pink pedals, blue wheels, you name it.

Dorcas St.

Miguel introduced me to St. Joe's prayer grotto, a hidden treasure along south 10th St. View from interior.

24 May 2009

Capitol, I'll miss you

11th St.

While waiting out a downpour in the Capitol City, we happened upon Pan Dulce, a charming panaderia with decent-tasting 50 cent coffee. I was curious to try their Bici treat, a pastry filled with a sweet cheese, we were told.

K St.

Saturday night posse minus one trekking our way home Sunday after a rainy evening of chocolate flan, 'tinis, PBRs, d'Leon's, and David Byrne-inspired dancing. Nothing beats riding with good friends.

20 May 2009

Bikes + skirts

50th St.

The smell of lilacs is so strong these days...I love it! Helps overpower exhaust from cars.

Gratitude stream...
-amazing weather
-running partners
-a move to the Chi (14 day countdown)!
-a job in the Chi
-supportive friends and family
-as much as I love ma bici, I'm grateful for a car that runs

19 May 2009


Happy Hollow Blvd.

...with childhood:

-summer evening bike rides
-Field Days
-jumping off swings
-Peter, Paul & Mary songs
-falling asleep in cars
-graham crackers

16 May 2009

Mad props...

to the Community Bicycle Shop. Ma hermana earned a bici with them. The basement really does look like this...times 3!

Photo from OWH

Mr. Bojangles

Jackson St.
Miguel stopped by Jackson to model his new jingle bell-clad Trek. Too much fun!

14 May 2009

Rollin' home in style

51st St.

On my ride home from school, I passed a father giving his daughter a lift on the back of his bike. Rad dad.

12 May 2009

My fair lady

Davenport St.

Up until today, I considered myself a fair-weathered biker. I'm happy to say the ride home in the rain was not near as painful as I had imagined, plus I made it home without being drenched in curb-puddle water from a car.

Commute variations

Being out-of-town for the kick-off to Bike to Work Week, I was a bit bummed I couldn't partake in the festivities. Seeing this Lovely on the L gave me hope for ladiez who like to bike with purse and heels...Love the shoes!

Sleeping beauty. Admired her rad Hyda bike.


Scooters and los bicis at Poitin Stil.


L, graffiti in Rogers Park, and a matching neon tee.

11 May 2009

Da food

Lunch at Karyn's. First raw cuisine experience...delish.

I will eat here one day!

Mmm...chocolate mousse cup from Artopolis.

Chicago lovin'

The flower girls. They became BFFs in a matter of seconds upon meeting one another. Too cute.

The serenade.

The newly weds. So grateful to be able to be a part of Jennie and Jose's day...I love you guys!

06 May 2009


Helping Leslie a bit set-up for Big...and what's this I see? Tres bicis in one spot!

Our first night ride...first attempts at taking photos while riding...reattached my chain to the derailleur for the first time, with grease-stained fingers to prove it!

05 May 2009

Bombs away

Yoga Mark concocted what he termed, a "flower bomb" from a newspaper planter, soil and leftover zinnias from his family's garden. Wow. Purpose, he said, was to toss them while biking over places that I felt needed some flower power. Rode home with four bombs in tow feelin' not a bit lethal...

04 May 2009


Waiting for some coffee-on-the-go-go before scaling Mt. California.

B the barista passed along the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs...its been the pick-me-up I've been in need of since returning to The 'ha after a super fab weekend in the *star* city on dos wheels.

Patience, shadow
With all your sight there's no sight to see
Little shadow, little shadow
To the night, will you follow me?

A lot of anything

OMG #1: Green grass!

OMG #2: Budding trees!

In an effort to find routes around hills (i.e. Mt. Hamilton & Mt. California) by riding through residentials, I stumbled upon this yard, OMG #3. It reminded me of Detroit's Heidelberg Project, on a much less scale of course, but nonetheless, fascinating.